COVID-19 has levelled the playing fields. There are no perpetrators or victims. It has short circuited much of our guilt, blame and/or shame. Our raw fears are now more exposed. Let’s use authentic communication to safely take advantage of this and chnage humanity?

COVID-19 What is the gift we can take form i

Amidst the worries, and, sure, there is no shortage of those… I do notice that this may be the first time in history that humanity is more or less cooperating, operating in unity, involved in the same thing. If so .. this is one hell of a milestone for humanity.”

Swami Aadvait Rahasya – March 2020



We have suddenly found ourselves in times that required massive changes in our private, public and business life. Connections have been broken and we are at some level all afraid of each other. We are all facing significant life changes, more quickly than previously thought manageable.

Experiencing fear, worry, anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed, depression and stress are normal responses to a rapidly changing situation in which lives are threatened.

Many employers are worried about their faithful employees.

The Conversation Initiative has had to rapidly adapt to the new situation. We have taken aspects of our adults, youth and school children’s programs to create a special program to address the fears of employees.

Our technique of using “authentic communication” is broken into two steps. The first is where participants witness how movingly powerful, feelings expressed without defensiveness or blame can be, and how by witnessing the expression of authentic communication, they can begin to release their long held fears, anxieties, guilt, hurt, blame and shame. The second step is where participants are taught how to and encouraged to speak their own authentic truth, and in this way our broken connections can be restored.

Let us support you and your team
through these insecure times.

The Conversation Initiative options are:

Our care-incentive for employers to their staff: We will host and moderate online Dialogue Circle with your staff to empower them within the current situation. We will make them feel that they are not alone. On both a personal and professional level we will help them in getting used to what-ever seems new and frightening now.

Taking team-building to its next level: The day will come when life just goes back to normal. A new-normal. Take these special days for implementing growth and resilience into your company. Let us moderate live Dialogue Circles for your returning team so they can connect and process the new-normal as well as safely share about the times they individually went through. The process will be designed to meet your professional needs and shaped to encourage a greater atmosphere.

Let us support you and your team
through these insecure times.

Let’s try and see the opportunity for change for a better work-life, relationships and engagement with one another and our working places.

We are a registered foundation whose aims are about changing the way we interact with the world. We do understand that financial investments seem tight at this stage of our economy; this is why we can individually find a solution with you, already mentioning though that the offer will be charged with a minimum fee to ensure accessibility even right now.

If you want to learn more about the concept and team behind Conversation Initiative, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. In a personal meeting, best via Skype, we could co-create the right session for your current needs.


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