We want your Authentic story about life in Cape Town.

South Africa is a unique and special country. A country of such contrasts and diversity. From Bishopsourt to Bishops Lavis, the townships of Khayelitsha (meaning new home) to the new homes of the golf estates.

Even before COVID-19 lockdown, sadly the reality is that we knew very little about each other.  Now with social distancing and COVID-19 we know even less.


We are in the process of creating 3D stories Cape Town, Our interactive 3D Stories platform will allows you, from the “comfort” of your home to travel in a virtual reality to the neighbourhoods of Cape Town.

We need your heartfelt authentic stories about COVID-19 or any other topics, so that we may share with the whole of South Africa, what life for you is really like.

We are holding ONLINE Dialogue Circles in your area

ONLINE Dialogue Circles are for FREE for all South Africans.

The issues in more affluent suburb’s are so different to those of the townships and squatter camps. For us to truly survive post COVID-19, how can we share our deep stories of vulnerability,  in such a way that it extends our sense of felt humanity and trust for our fellow South African.

It is so easy for us to get stuck in our fear, shame and blame of the other. The story of:

  • You don’t care …….. for if you would you would not do …………..
  • You don’t see me …..
  • They have no respect for …….
  • Please can I have your charity for…….


How do we transcend the stories in such a way that the unites as a nation. Our heartfelt authentic stories are neither defensive nor full of blame. They provide unique insights into the heartfelt vulnerabilities of you the storytellers, thus possibly challenging the more traditional beliefs we might hold not just about the storyteller and their world, but also about ourselves and your world

We know that no matter where you live, you most likely hold scare and panic around the future.  Let’s talk about it, in a safe and secure way.

We look forward to being able to hear your stories so that we may be heard on our 3D stories or other platforms.


Who could have thought that a non-living bit of genetic material (RNA), could have brought such big changes to our lives. What are our fears and uncertainties that the COVID19 virus brings for us?

Neighbours care about each other – What are the stories you would like others to hear about you?

I too suffered Apartheid has been described and a crime against humanity. Both Blacks and Whites are still today deeply effect by it. How did and does Apartheid still affect you today?

What is Integration? Are their stories from the past from which we can learn, see and understand the effects that integration or non-integration has on us and our society?

Are we looking for equality or intimacy? Being equal does not necessarily bring intimacy. How do we take out the toxicity and judgment and blame from the gender/ relationship conversation so that we can all begin to truly trust each other?

Going forward, how do we dream into existence a society where we all live in harmony, unafraid to be who we are and valuing the difference we have all around us?


What others like you, that like us have to say.


These stories were collected from just one of our Dialogue Circles. 


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