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Our online modules allow you to explore vulnerable, heartfelt authentic communication relative to specific themes. You will be able to access special theme-related stories within our 3D story environment and then join one of our online group sessions to share how those stories made you feel.

Our workshops cover in greater detail specific skills that will add to you understanding of authentic communication.



To speak your truth from a heartfelt, vulnerable place and to listen to someone else openly and compassionately without a rush to prejudice is to discover beauty in oneself and in the other and to form real connection. To truly communicate this way, however, we need to be given the tools to do so and be coached on doing it. Our workshops will help you to communicate this way in the first place and to identify when you are unconsciously slipping back into old patterns. Our online modules allow you to explore various themes using this type of communication. We help participants with this particularly in contexts where things like dispute, mistrust, power and powerlessness can arise.

We offer workshops in Berlin on a regular basis, however, they can be arranged by anyone with us in any location as long as they can meet a minimum delegate requirement. Our workshops and modules are offered in English and German.


Who could have thought that a non-living bit of genetic material (RNA), could have brought such big changes to our lives. What are our fears and uncertainties that the COVID19 virus brings for us?

Neighbours care about each other – What are the stories you would like others to hear about you?

Today the world is made up of so many who were once refugees. Take Germany: There are refugees from the Second World War, unification and nowadays from the conflicts elsewhere in the world. Were you ever a refugee and if so what are your stories about being one?

What is Integration? Are their stories from the past from which we can learn, see and understand the effects that integration or non-integration has on us and our society?

Are we looking for equality or intimacy? Being equal does not necessarily bring intimacy. How do we take out the toxicity and judgment and blame from the gender/ relationship conversation so that we can all begin to truly trust each other?

Going forward, how do we dream into existence a society where we all live in harmony, unafraid to be who we are and valuing the difference we have all around us?


If we are going to change the world, there are important conversations to be had

What it’s about:

Our ONLINE modules give you the opportunity to listen to others sharing authentic communication about specific themes. Within each of these topics, the heartfelt authentic stories that you will hear, are neither defensive nor full of blame. They provide a unique insight into the heartfelt vulnerabilities of the storytellers, thus possibly challenging the more traditional beliefs you might hold not just about the storyteller and their world, but about yourself and your world.

At the end of each module you will be given a few discussion topics to discuss with your loved ones. The aim is to facilitate and enable conversation from the heart, and not our logic. It is our hope that this will help you to connect on a far deeper level enabling you to shift not only yourselves but also the world around you.


What others like you, that like us have to say.



Currently suspended due to COVID-19 – but speak to us now for programs that you can run when we return to the NEW NORMAL


We offer workshops in Berlin on a regular basis, or can arrange for either our core workshops or workshops specially tailored around your specific needs to be held in your town, city or workplace. Please speak to us. Our workshop moduels are currently offfered in English only, German will be following soon.


Communication is all too often about being louder, more persuasive, more aggressive, proving a point or fighting harder, until one of you finally submits. This sets up a power dynamic of where the one becomes forcefulness, and the other disengaged, manipulative, submissive. We call this sort of communication ‘power-over communication’; often it is less about communicating a message and more about asserting a dominance hierarchy of some sort. Instead, we advocate what we call ‘authentic communication’ where we speak our heartfelt authentic truths in a more connected way, and listen to others in a more heartfelt connected way. The result is that when we express what is in us, we are able to “be better heard and felt seen”, and “find it easier to hear and feel” the voices of others. We call this “power-in or authentic communication”. This connected way of communication flows more easily and freely, and so developing compassion and empathy for each other, is enhanced. In this, the way of flowing conversations, different and new solutions are found. This sort of communication is new and at first difficult so this workshop is designed to help participants understand what it is, what it is not, the value that it has to provide and the basic tools to enable you to begin communicating in this way.


Duration : 3 hours / 6 hours


Topics covered


  • Defining what power-over communication is
  • How power-over communication can trigger us
  • The different instinctive responses to being triggered
  • The difference between communicating ideas and communicating feelings
  • Defining what power-in / authentic communication is and what benefits it has
  • Defining what power-in / authentic communication is and what benefits it has
  • Practicing power-in / authentic communication

We are all different. We have different strengths, different weaknesses, different insights, and different perspectives.
Think about the work- place: how differently do you see the world if your strength lays in sales to someone whose strength lies in creativity? How differently do you interact with those around you if you tend to lead from the front to some- one who tends to lead from the back? For a business to truly succeed, it needs to have all of the above skills. For each individual where or what are your natural strengths, and how can you align them within the business so that you can reach your maximum potential. Once you have understood what your alignment is, how can you effectively communicate across these differences? When you don’t, there are problems: division, unhappiness, isolation and frustration: the hallmarks of “office politics”. When you do, there is flow: synergy, fulfilment, a sense of belonging and progress: the hallmarks of “team spirit”. Our workshop is designed to explore precisely this. We help participants develop an understanding of themselves in relation to the workplace, an understanding of the value of diversity in the workplace and the tools to communicate across these barriers.


Duration : 3 hours / 6 hours


Topics covered


  • Understanding that we are different
  • The different roles in the workplace
  • The value and importance of diversity
  • Understanding yourself in the workplace & how you make the best of it
  • Introvert or Extrovert – Making the best use of who you naturally are
  • Understanding the needs of others in the workplace
  • Choosing your career – what best suits your unique talents
  • Starting a business – what types of partners you need
  • This module is based on the principles of Wealth Dynamics

Even if we share the same mother tongue, do we speak the same language? How often do we interpret each other’s words differently? What are our invisible filters that help create these misunderstandings? Today we accept that some of us are naturally left-handed while other are right-handed. One hundred years ago this was not the case and children at school were forced to write using their right hands only. We would like to introduce you to a concept that we all have natural resonances that make us understand what we hear and see so differently. Some of us more naturally see the world through the resonance of “What if”, while others might see it through the resonance of “How” or “When” or “Who do I need” What is your natural resonance, and how can understanding it enable you to make better life choices? How do you better identify the natural resonances of each of your family members, friends and colleagues, and how do you change or adapt language that you use for each of them so that you are better heard and understood? Our workshop is designed to share precisely this. Come and explore and discover more for yourself.


Duration : 3 hours / 6 hours


Topics covered


  • We are all different, not better or worse – just different
  • Introvert or Extrovert – Making the best use of who you naturally are
  • What are the different resonances, and how do I identify what mine is
  • How do I make better choices to suit my natural resonance
  • To be better understood, how do I consciously translate my resonance to match yours.
  • Choosing or directing the future of your career – what best suits your unique talents
  • This module is based on the principles of Wealth Dynamics

How can we learn to speak our truth so that it builds our relationships in a connected way? For many we have grown up learning to express our truths, as the “truths” that society really expects us to express. Through things like manipulation, ridicule, violence, isolation, family, culture, history, the law- we have been moulded into expressing what we are supposed to think and feel, and often express these “false truths” as “our truths”. For most, we become too afraid to express what we truly harbour deep down inside of ourselves, perhaps even losing touch with it. Our workshop helps participants find a way to reconnect with their deeply felt truths and gives them new ways of safety to express them, In this way we can become more empowered, not in our fear and selfishness, but in our service to humanity and the world we live in.


Duration : 3 hours / 6 hours


Topics covered


  • Why is speaking your truth so important
  • The physiological effects of speaking your truth
  • Living in alignment: getting our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies pointing in the same
  • The importance of body language
  • Combining both our voice communication with our body language in such a way as to be “more” heard
  • When there is strong disagreement, is it possible to reach agreement without having to compromise and, if
    so, how?

We at the Conversation Initiative Foundation believe that relationships give us the greatest opportunity to change.
Many have been brought up with the belief that it takes two to change a relationship and so they get caught in the spiralling trap that unless the other changes, they are powerless to change the relationship and themselves.
All close relationships force change upon us. Our relationships with our parents, siblings, lovers, children, close friends and work colleagues all affect us. At times these relationships can make us feel more reactive, at others more submissive. They often challenge our boundaries. How we resolve them internally affects how we step into the world. Do we step into it with a greater degree of connection or disconnection? For most, what is perceived to be in “our protection”, we enter into judgment and justification of the other. Often calling and blaming them for their stubbornness, rigidity, cowardice or submitting to their judgment of us. This type of relating locks us and keeps us entrenched in the same old well known patterns of relating. We have witnessed how with simple tools, we have empowered our participants to realise that if they just change themselves they change the world around them. To change a relationship it only takes one. Our workshops provides participants with these simple tools and insights to help them achieve better relationships and thereby step into the world more connected than not.


Duration : 3 hours / 6 hours (pre-requisite: must have attended one of our other workshops)


Topics covered


  • The role of boundaries and how to respect them
  • The wisdom of the body – and its early warning system
  • What are the different resonances, and how do I identify what mine is
  • What is survival & why do we choose to live so much of our lives in it
  • What is thriving, and why do we struggle to achieve this
  • What is my truth, and how does that differ from my thoughts of guilt, consequences, responsibility and
  • Complexities of thought – when do they no longer serve us and when do they become an escalation of our
    fear and conflict and drain our resources
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